It was an exhausting day at annual sales conference of India's largest private limited firm. Rounds of discussions on designing strategies with country's best men went on and on for entire day! 

Are you kidding me? Let's bring some business first!"

The reaction to my request for marketing policy was upheld by everyone and frankly day ended with quite disgust on my part. 
While I got my car on the highway - heading for my home - I could not leave the series of concerns I genuinely had about the sales targets assigned and ways of achieving them! 

Car touched 80 as I was deep into my thoughts! 

In that speed too, 
I saw a guy along the street, 
Holding three apples in his hands, 
Saying something at the top of his lungs...
I had my AC on, could not hear what he said,
But saw a mini-truck full of apples and another guy selling them! 
There were 2-3 four wheelers parked there too! 

I could not stop myself from evaluating the messed up Business Module! 

Who are their Customers?
- People driving their cars on a highway as fast as possible to reach to their respective destinations with absolutely no intentions of buying stuff on the way! 

What are they selling?
- Apples! A fruit that's not only available on every corner at every shop, but thanks to the online shopping these days, its available at one's doorsteps! 

Guarantee of the product or after sales service? 
- Zero. No-one knows where the guy will be tomorrow post the sale!

- Its but obvious that the speedy probable clients of this enterprise - even if are willing to stop and buy - they wont be, because of their speed. 
So the enterprise has one guy 
showing the product, 
elaborating the special offer,
showing off the aggressive price cap! 

His job is stand and scream the whole day. 
No target, no budget! 
For this, enterprise pays him! 
Clients gathered or not he gets paid. 
One thing was for sure, whoever stops, will stop because of him! 

Well, I didn't stop!
But was taught a lesson that 5-star sales conference couldn't!

- Aniruddha Rajderkar