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For Automobile Manufacturer in India


Transforming Workfloors Team presents you with the case study on the successful transformation of the engineering assembly area!

A leading automobile giant in India wanted to have new assembly lines for 12 of its BS-6 engines. 

They needed advanced assembly with a scientific approach that can overcome all the issues they have been facing with their existing assembly line. 

This dossier covers the step-wise execution of the project. 

Following are some of the glimpse of their earlier assembly line!

STEP  1 - Applicative Analysis

Following are the obvious observations 
  1. Material to be loaded is a heavy-duty
  2. Storage utility has to be designed with closed doors
  3. Storage utility is needed to be segregated weight wise and horizontal mapping for its storage is needed to be done
  4. Impact load is needed to be considered while designing a system
  5. Safety factor while considering load-bearing capacity is needed to be considered higher than usual standards.
  6. Floor mats are needed to be considered keeping the number of hours the operator spends time on the engine.

STEP - 2 - Layouting

Following is the rough layout we initiated with for 12 cells, 6 on each floor

Here is a close look at each identical cell designed and developed to suit the application. 

  1. EQ1 area was needed to be an area which utilizes maximum possible height

  2. EQ3 area was to be designed keeping windows at the backside in mind, so height could not be exceeded beyond 1 Mtrs.

  3. EQ4 was needed to be allotted for assembly workstation.

  4. EQ5 was the area for Engine holding equipment.

  5. Aisle around the engine was considered for all directional operational convenience.



Load bearing capacity of EQ2 area was required to be 15 Tons


Units were needed with best in class aesthetics.

Impact Load

No one could authoritatively clarified the exact impact load 


All proposed Items were to have warranty of 5 years

STEP - 3 - Product Selection

Industrial Cupboards

  1. Twin cabinet with 6 flexible extractible shelves

  2. Each Extractible shelf is designed to carry a load of 150 Kg each. 

  3. 2 telescopic drawers are considered with 100 mm height

  4. 1 drawer is proposed with foaming type partitioning for the defined storage of tools.

  5. 1 drawer is proposed with a detachable partitioning arrangement. 

  6. Proposed with 4 adjustable shelves

  7. The load-bearing capacity of each telescopic drawer is considered as 100 Kg each.

  8. Adequate Partitioning Arrangement 

  9. Central Locking arrangement with keys

Mini Height Cupboards

  1. Twin + Single cabinet with 9 flexible extension drawers

  2. 6 drawers out of 9 are proposed with 100 mm height

  3. 2 drawers out of 9 are proposed with 150 mm height

  4. 1 drawer out of 9 are proposed with 300 mm height

  5. Proposed with 1 extractible shelf

  6. Overall Dim. Length 3000 meters approx. 

  7. Overall height 1100 mm

  8. Proposed with TML preferred color scheme,

  9. Standard Blue Body

  10. Light Grey Doors and Drawer Facia

Industrial Workstation

  1. Overall dimensions as 3000x750x865/2130 mm

  2. Five Aisle storage utility is proposed each of dimensions of 630 X 600 X 825 (L X B X H) 

  3. This range of workstations is proposed to have 135 mm ground clearance with the plinth arrangement. 

  4. Proposed with Three upright arrangement with the additional height of uprights is considered as 1240 mm

  5. Proposed with 3 back perforation sheets throughout the length

  6. Comprises of Two Shelves 

  7. Considered with Carrier arm and industrial illumination provision

STEP 4 - The Transformation


The Proposed





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