How To Select Precise Industrial Cupboard?

Small part industrial storage is relatively challenging that the pallet storage in racking systems. There are two fundamental differences between the two.

  1. Variations in the dimensions and weight

  2. The frequency at which the material movement happens


Since on both fronts small parts top the possibility, extra attention is required while designing the respective utility.
This dossier covers fundamentals about designing a multi-purpose storage utility.

applicative analysis

We are up for the task of designing industrial cupboard that should have following features

  1. Lock and key

  2. Should serve as mini assembly center

  3. Should bear mini impacts of sub-assembly

  4. Should have a platform within for the sub-assembly

  5. Sub-Assembly small parts should be stored in it

  6. Should be able to hold the tools of sub assembly

  7. Should function as tool storage cabinet as well with telescopic drawers

  8. Storage should be mapped in such a way that all assembly parts are stored keeping the convenience of the sub-assembly in mind

Primaries of Industrial Cupboard CABINET

  1. It should not be more than 2 meters in height.

  2. It should have a central lock and key arrangement 

  3. It should have a robust frame with a load-bearing capacity of at least 800 Kg. 

  4. It should have slots all along the height for storage flexibility

  5. Conventionally, it should be less than 1.5 meters in length & less than 600 mm in depth

  6. If space is not the concern, it should have front opening conventional 2 leaf doors. 

  7. For space constraints, sliding doors or even roller shutter options can be considered.

  8. Image aside is of ideal empty cabinets with 1026 X 555 X 2000 mm (L X B X H) with a load-bearing capacity of 800 Kgs, comprising of the front opening leaf doors with lock and keys

customizing the cupboard

Telescopic Drawers

Since no separate Tool Storage Cabinet will be allotted, cupboard should comprise of telescopic drawers wherein tools/ small sub assembly parts can be stored

Customized Hooks to Hold the tools

  1. Enlisting all sub-assembly tools is required

  2. Specific hook will be needed which can hold the tools on the back wall of the cupboard

Perforated Back Wall

  1. Sub Assembly tools are required to be hung in front

  2. This will need a perforated back wall

Sub-Assembly Platform

  1. Wood is the best platform for sub assembly.

  2. A shelf within the Cupboard should hold the wooden surface and function as sub-assembly platform

Configured Cupboard
Choices of Cupboards

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