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Student / Performer / Theatre Actor


About Me

I'm Arjun Atul Kulkarni! If you are reading this in 2020 I am 11 years old!

This is the place where I upload some of my blogs, performances, drawings and stuff like that! 

I am honored to see you visiting my page, please go through the things I have uploaded here so far....

I love acting and aspire to leave my mark in that field some day.

Being right on the verge of my teens now, entire world around me is a stage and I see and experience from things happening around me. 


I also love making friends and meeting new people....

Life is full of joy and I am sure I will keep it that way forever! 

I absolutely love my family and enjoy the freedom they give me in everything. 

But guys,

With great power comes great responsibility!




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Will post my contact number as 

Student / Performer 

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